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  • The support from the professors of Wisdom classes has helped me a lot to begin with my AIIMS Preparation journey. The dedication and efforts by the professors and the personal attention that one gets over here is outstanding, which makes Wisdom better than any other Medical Entrance classes.
    Miss Ruksana Shaikh
    AIR 575 IN AIPMT 2014
  • Myself Rihana Jagtap, took the Home Tuition from Wisdom Academy and had a great experience studying under the faculty Mr. Vishal Goswami  (Physics expert), who brought out my inner abilities and helped me in showcasing it in a better way. He helped me out to clear my AIIMS Examination as my Physics was not that much strong.
    Miss Rihana Jagtap
    AIR 679 IN AIPMT 2015
  • My Big Thanks to Wisdom Academy for my Success. Wisdom Academy is the just coaching institute that I have attended and thanks to them, I have no need to look back. The study Material provided is very good and useful with lots of practice problems. The teaching faculty has really helped in clearing my doubts and strengthening my concepts. Wisdom Academy‘s faculties always given an individual attention on each student, very great full and helpful people. Big Thanks to Wisdom Academy for my success.
    Rahul Sinha
    AIR 2685 IN AIIMS 2014
  • Wisdom Academy is the best classes providing medical entrance coaching and preparing students for AIIMS examination with good Rank .The faculty is very good and helpful. It was good experience studying over here as personal attention is given to each student which helped me a lot in clearing my AIIMS Exam with good Rank.
    Miss Rupali Jha
    AIR 875 IN AIIMS 2014
  • Wisdom Academy has very experienced and Excellent Home tutors, I took private tuitions from Wisdom academy and I a so happy their way of teaching and gave me the study material. I am very happy that I have get rank under 100 because of all three faculties who prepared me for AIPMT.  I prefer NCERT and read it thoroughly a number of times. My family also supported me a lot in it
    Ankit Dubey
    AIR 94 IN AIPMT 2013
  • I OWE the credit of my success to my parents, my teacher and non-teaching staff of institute and Wisdom Academy. The faculty members kept me motivated and confident throughout the session the material of Wisdom Classes is also up to the make and is more than enough for AIPMT.  These people concentrate each and every single student in group. I would like to thank all the faculties of Wisdom Academy who helped me a lot o achieve this success.
    Miss Divya Prajapati
    AIPMT AIR RANK 2280 IN 2015
  • My Journey through Wisdom classes is truly excellent with best coaching by prominent & expert professors. (Especially Dr. Vinay shukla Chemistry Teacher)  who use to sit with us 5 to 6 hours during the exam time and they always  focus and gives  personal attention & quality teaching to all the students.
    Miss Ritika Sharma
    AIPMT AIR RANK 596 IN 2014
  • Studying on regular basis has helped me a lot. Early completion of portion with Wisdom academy gave me enough time for revision. The faculties of wisdom academy are professional and trained Experts in their subjects. Teachers of Wisdom Academy are so experienced that they make students learn easily. They always motivate students to achieve good ranks in AIIMS and AIPMT" as because of them only my dream come true to get the rank in AIPMT Examination.
    Afryan Bhatt
    AIPMT AIR RANK 892 IN 2015
  • Wisdom Academy is a very good coaching class. It is very well organized. Professors are very helpful and professional. They teach in a very student friendly way. Most of the things are memorized in the class itself. All the doubts are cleared. Professors give equal attention to all the students. The study material provided by classes is so exhaustive that no other reference books are required. Also the Wisdom Academy seminar helps in a great way by providing past examination analyses and also gives motivation to work hard. In my success there is a great role played.
    Miss Archana Singh
    AIPMT AIR RANK 566 IN 2014
  • MH-CET 2016

    Ranking: 97

    Dhruv Pandeya
    MH-CET 2016, Ranking: 97
  • Course: NEET MAY 2017

    Score: 570

    Siddhesh More
  • Course: NEET MAY 2017

    Score: 595

    Anjali Jain
  • Course: NEET MAY 2017

    Score: 590

    Namrata Jha
  • Course: NEET MAY 2017

    Score: 550

    Priyanshi Goyal
  • Course: NEET MAY 2017

    Score: 562

    Nitesh Jha