Which institute is best for NEET repeaters in Mumbai? Success Stories-From Droppers to Doctors

Which institute is best for NEET repeaters in Mumbai? Success Stories-From Droppers to Doctors

Cracking NEET is the ambition of millions of medical aspirants. Most of these candidates begin their preparation as early as the beginning of class 11. However, not all of these candidates get selected on their first attempt. NEET is a very cut-throat medical entrance examination where over 15 lakhs of candidates appear for about 67000 MBBS seats. This means the competition is a difficult one.

Every year a large number of NEET aspirants who could not make up for NEET in their first attempt, drop a year to get successful in their target in the next successive attempt. In case you are among one of them then do not lose hope. Everyone gets another opportunity to prove themselves and accomplish success.  Many droppers topped NEET in their consecutive attempts. You will as well find a lot of inspirational stories of NEET droppers who are now doctors.

NEET Dropper (Repeater) Success Case

NEET dropper Rishav Mishra dropped a year for preparation and cracked the NEET exam in 2017 He devoted a great amount of time to self-study and practice during the time of preparing. This NEET dropper case should be a motivation for the aspirants.

A few of the other cases are as follows:

Kriti Agarwal took three attempts to achieve success in the NEET exam. 

NEET dropper Nikhil Bhajiya earlier was a topper in 2016 that got 3rd AIR from Gujarat. 

Another NEET dropper case is of Pradyumn Singh who kept trying and cracked NEET in his 3rd attempt.

NEET Preparation Tips from Dropper to Qualified Doctors!

This blog provides you with the best NEET preparation tips for droppers to help them go up to the top and became a NEET Topper.

Examine your NEET score: The first thing any NEET dropper should do is to examine his/her NEET score. Flip through the question paper and mark the questions/topics which you found difficult in answering. This will assist you in estimating your strengths and weaknesses in the concepts and chapters of the NEET syllabus. Knowing your weaknesses will aid you in improving in these areas over time.


Stay Inspired: It is viewed that most of the NEET droppers lose their hopes after failing in their first attempt. NEET failures can be due to an outcome of insufficient preparation and a low confidence level during the exam. You must believe in yourself, keep yourself motivated and inspired to work hard, and prepare at your 100% level.


Create an effective plan: A proper study timetable is a prerequisite for cracking competitive exams like NEET. All repeaters should make an effective study plan for NEET preparation to boost their scores next year. Dropping a year needs a lot of courage and dedication to study. Thus, follow your timetable strictly if you want to score better in NEET Examination.


Practice, practice, and practice (3Ps): Sometimes insufficient practice results in failure in exams. NEET repeaters must practice as many sample questions and papers as possible. You should deal with sample questions after preparing each topic of the NEET syllabus. This will improve your accuracy in a specific topic and assist in self-assessment.


Clarify previous years’ papers: Practicing previous years’ papers has fantastic results. It is observed that multiple times in NEET exams; questions are repeated or are of similar kinds depending upon the same concepts. Droppers must settle all the previous years’ papers to get well acquainted with NEET exam questions. This will boost your confidence and enhance your NEET exam question-solving skills.


Attempt Digital Mock Tests: One of the main reasons for NEET failure is inaccuracy in time management whiles the exam. NEET repeaters must attempt digital mock tests to improve their speed and learn to manage their time accordingly. These online tests are designed according to the NEET exam papers and solving them will assist you in scoring a high rank in NEET.


Cite to the Best NEET Preparation Books: You are required to be very selective in your NEET preparation books. Do not get confused between the wide varieties of NEET books available offline. Take assistance from your teachers and seek suggestions from your friends who had qualified NEET on the best books for NEET Remember time is very crucial; you cannot afford to lose any more years in NEET exam success. Thence, devote your time studying the best books.


Best Coaching Institute for NEET Repeaters in Mumbai | Wisdom Academy


Wisdom Academy aspires to be the best in the Medical Entrance Education sector, outperforming by delivering students with a quality education that will aid them to maximize their ultimate potential for increased success. They are well-known for imparting the finest NEET Classes in Mumbai. 

Their study locations fulfill all of the necessities of students, including doubt removal sessions, severe study materials, advent classrooms, frequent assessments, mentorship, and special counseling, among other things.

Their observation has shown them that NEET hopefuls regard Physics as more challenging than Chemistry and Biology. To try this gap, they have skilled Physics professors that employ effective educational methods to aid students to understand difficult theories. Every teacher at Wisdom Academy is very much an expert in his/her field and has solid experience tutoring for NEET.

Their NEET Classes in Andheri and Borivali offer comprehensive learning resources, advanced study apparatus, clearing sessions for every doubt, daily tests, mentoring, and much more, supported by a group of expert and top educated faculty members.


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