NEET Preparation Tips for Droppers: A Complete Study Plan

NEET Preparation Tips for Droppers: A Complete Study Plan

NEET preparation for those in their drop year can be problematic. They have already covered the curriculum and applied for mock tests. Know the tips on how a candidate in drop year can score well.

Applying for any entrance examination, more than once can be difficult for many students. Though, still, many students decide to give themselves a second chance by taking a year off to prepare completely for an exam and repeat the exam-taking experience. Those in their drop year sometimes do not understand how to start preparing for an examination for which they thought they have done enough. They frequently forget to ask themselves some important questions before embarking on the journey to prepare for the examination again.

In this blog, we have tried to resolve the dilemma for those preparing for NEET in their drop year. NEET preparation strategies for droppers are an attempt to assist such students to formulate a preparation approach that will not let them down.

NEET Preparation Dividends for Droppers

Here we will equip you with some tips and strategies for NEET droppers to begin their preparation for NEET 2023.

What went improper?


The first NEET preparation strategy for droppers is finding what went wrong the last time. Accepting the consequence behind why you could not clear the examination is very essential to start afresh. Create a note of the things that you feel are responsible for a low grade in your previous attempt at NEET. Be true to yourself while preparing this list. In case you do not accept the weaknesses at this stage, you will not be able to overcome them and perform better in the further attempt.

Learning from your Errors


Now that you have created a list of all the things you feel are responsible for fewer score in NEET, you have to sign them off one by one. Whether you think that you did not spend enough time on revision now is your opportunity to make that right. In case you feel that you still have doubts, start working on them. The Tabulate can be long or short, regardless of how many reasons you have stated, you focus to leave not one reason that will pull you down the next time.

A fresh outlook on the preparation


In case you do not have a mentor or guide, now is the time to find a new one. The virtue of you have already attempted this exam once, you are already acquainted with the NEET syllabus and structure. You have perhaps solved most of the NEET question papers of last year. Therefore, where should you begin the preparation this time? This is where your educator will help you. Do not hesitate in asking for assistance; it is for your betterment. Having an educator or guide by your side will help you earn a new perspective. You will be able to start new with your NEET preparation.

Many of you must have enlisted yourself in a coaching institute. For those individuals in the dropper year, the classes are normally longer. But self-study remains a vital part of the preparation.

Prepare a different timetable that takes into the time spent at the coaching center. Allot another six to eight hours for self-study. You must as well take into consideration the list that you had prepared in the first step at the time of preparing the new timetable. In case one of the reasons stated in your list was ‘did not adhere to the time-table’, write it in bold letters on top of your current time-table. This will help you follow it this time.

Staying positive and conducted


The greatest challenge for those in their dropper year is to stay focused. Looking at your complement that has started their college life might give rise to unnecessary comparisons.

Never pair yourself with others. Remain connected with your friends but abstain from discussing your preparation with them. Take guidance from only those who have to know NEET preparation and will provide you with constructive suggestions. Summon into mind, that the battle is half won in case you stay positive during the NEET preparation phase.

Associating the gaps

At the time of the first half of your dropper year, attempt to bridge the gaps in your NEET preparation. Complete the curriculum of NEET by covering the chapters that were omitted in the previous year. Solve the doubts that were carried forward. Focus on the concepts or topics that are weak and required improvement.

Sometimes doing this, do not over glance at revision. Both no matter what old and new should be balanced during this time.

In the 2nd half of the year, focus mainly on revision. You must also make sure that you devote equal time to all subjects.

Take as multiple mock tests as possible


The conclusive NEET preparation tip for droppers, is at the time of the last six months of your preparation, crack at least two NEET mock tests in a week. Mock tests will provide you exposure to questions of varying difficulty levels. This will aid you to strengthen your NEET preparation and will prepare you for the examination day.

As well, take a glance at the questions that were asked in the preceding years in the last month of preparation. Multiple Questions are repeated in the examination every year. Flipping through the NEET question papers of previous years will help you get these questions right.

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